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North Newark Baseball

North Newark Baseball

All the information you need to know about our league is found throughout our website. However, if you don't know where to go, or just have some simple questions you need quick answers to, please refer to this list of our frequently asked questions.

How do I register to play?
You can register through this website. Create an account by clicking "register" on the top right of the site. Once you have an account you can add a participant. The website will step you through the process. Once you pay for the program you are signing up for, you are officially registered.

Do you accept late registrations?
We need a lot of lead time to coordinate all the moving parts. Once registration closes, we proceed to planning our team drafts, coach assignments, practice fields, uniforms, etc. Because of the time constraints involved with drafting and scheduling amongst multiple leagues, we are unable to accept late registrations. 

If I have to cancel my registration will I get a refund?
That depends on the situation and when you cancel. If you cancel before the registration deadline, you will be given the choice of a 75% refund, or a 100% credit toward a future season. If you cancel after the deadline, you will be given a credit toward a future season minus the cost of the uniform. If you cancel after games have started, no refunds or credits are available. .

We will only play for Coach _____ or with player _____ - can you make that happen?
The fast answer is no, we cannot guarantee that your player will be with a specific coach or teammate. We encourage you to enter your requests during registration, and we will see if it is possible. However, to ensure the competitive nature of the league, we evaluate overall team skill before any requests are considered. 

A large percentage of requests are honored every season, but we have never been able to honor all of them. Sorry.

Note: Family members and coaches kids will be automatically placed on that team. Players returning to the same team in the same division are automatically placed on that team. Players not meeting these criteria are enter into the draft and are not guaranteed a spot with any specific coach or player.

What days do you play?
The days played depends on the division you are in and the amount of teams we have in that division.  All regular scheduled games are during the week. Weekends are typically reserved for T-ball, make-up games, tournaments, and special events. You can plan to play at least a couple weekends throughout the season.

What is the Skills Assessment, and is it mandatory?
We like to make sure that all teams are as equally matched as possible. To do this we hold our annual Skills Assessment so we can see at what skill level each player can perform. It is MANDATORY for all players new to North Newark OR for those moving up to the next division. Players in the T-ball division do not participate in our Skills Assessment. 

How will I know what size uniform to order?
Our uniform suppliers have pretty standard sizes. Pick what you would normally choose if you went to a standard department store. If you really don't know what to choose, just make a good guess. We will have uniforms at the Skills Assessment for you to try on. If you need to make a change to your uniform size, we can do it then.

Do you hold tryouts?
Yes & No. Depends of the program. Our recreational league is a pay to play league. If you pay the fee, you play. There is a Skills Assessment for rec league, but not a tryout. Our Naturals teams do hold tryouts. See the details about the North Newark Naturals teams for more information.

Who are the North Newark Naturals?
The North Newark Naturals are a select team system. Its a complimentary program to our rec league. You must play in the rec league and participate in a tryout to qualify. Players on the North Newark naturals will play for their rec league team in addition to their Naturals team, with the rec league team taking priority over the Naturals team.  See the details about the North Newark Naturals teams for more information.

What equipment does the league supply, and what do I have to buy?
The league supplies baseballs and a scorebook for each team, plus each player's uniform. You will need to supply baseball glove, cleats (molded plastic only, NO METAL CLEATS), bat, and a helmet. The league does offer some equipment on loan for the season, but we encourage you to use the Dick's Sporting Goods coupons to purchase your own if you can. 

What will the uniform include?
Each player will be provided a uniform jersey and hat. For T-ball and Derek Holland divisions, we provide jerseys with standard numbers and adjustable hats. For our Farm and Varsity divisions, we provide fitted flex-fit hats and jerseys with custom numbers and names. The name will be taken from your players registration and you can also request your first and second number choices when registering. Please note that number requests are not guaranteed and are awarded based on when the registration was received. 

What is this Dicks Shopping Day? 
Dicks Sporting Goods is a great supporter of North Newark Baseball. They give us a special day of the year, normally mid to late March, where our league gets to shop the store at a big discount. Check your emails and our Facebook page for details about each year's day and special offerings.

Is my child allowed to play-up?
Please see more information regarding our play-up option here.

How does North Newark handle thunder/lighting?
We take your safety seriously. Therefore, we enforce a 30 minute delay for every lighting strike seen or thunder heard. Once thunder or lighting is recognized, everyone should clear the field and find shelter. This may be under the dugout, in a car, under a pavilion, or inside a building - either way, don't remain on the field.

Its important to remember that this applies to lighting AND thunder. Even if the storm isn't directly above you, there is still risk, so we wait the full 30 minutes to be sure the storm has cleared. Here is a quote to help you understand:

“The bottom line is that if you hear thunder, you need to get inside immediately,” said retired Air Force Brig. Gen. David L. Johnson, director of the NOAA National Weather Service. “Lightning can strike up to 10 miles from a thunderstorm, which is about the distance that the sound of thunder can travel and be heard. All thunderstorms produce lightning, and each lightning strike is a potential killer.”

If you still have questions that haven't been answered, please reach out to us and we would be happy to answer your question. 
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