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Play-Up Option


·         Description:

 o   The Play-Up Option is defined as a player who is one playing year away from the next Division and elects to evaluate for an opportunity to advance to the next division.


·         Procedure:

 o   Players must register online for Play-Up Evaluation by Friday June 24th, 2022. (Late registrations will not be accepted) 

 o   Players will be notified prior to the end of the season with an evaluation date that must be attended in order to qualify.

 o   This Evaluation will be held immediately after the Select Team tryouts at the conclusion of the regular season. (If a player tries out for the Select Team, that score will be used for their Play-Up evaluation)

 o   Players will be evaluated in three categories and will receive a score of 1 to 5 by the evaluators of each station. Players must meet a minimum overall average score of 3 to be granted approval to advance. The Board of Directors may choose to grant approval to a player who does not meet the minimum            to balance teams in the upper division. (example: Advance a player to prevent the next division from contracting)

 o   Players who are selected for the next division’s Select Team will automatically be approved. (examples: 8 year old on 9U Select Team, 10yr old on 11U Select)

 o   Players who meet a score of 3 or higher still may be required to play in their age appropriate division under the following circumstances and will not have final approval until registration for the next season is complete:

       §  Lower division needs these players based on the number of teams in the division and the number of players on each team.

       §  Upper division is full of age appropriate players and the addition of younger players would require an expansion team.

       §  In the event of having less openings for advancement than players that have been given approval to advance, players will be selected from highest to lowest score until openings are filled.

 o   Once players are granted the final approval to advance to the next division then those players must attend that division’s evaluation date and will be entered into the draft


·         Draft Policy for Play-Up Players

 o   In an effort to maintain a balance of advanced players among all the teams in the division, players who are a member of the next division’s Select Team will not qualify for the Brother Option or the Coach’s Son as it relates to the NNLL Draft Rules and must be taken as that teams 1st Round Pick.

 o   All other players will follow the normal draft policy of NNLL.


·         Post Season Policy

 o   Players who are playing-up will only be eligible for Allstar Teams in the division he/she participated in during the regular season.  (example: An 8 year old who is playing up in the farm division is NOT eligible for the 8U Allstar team)

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