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Coaching at North Newark

Anyone interested in a coaching position at NNLL must complete a Coaching Application.  The application is completed online and will be available when registration for the spring season opens.

All applicants must also submit a BCI or FBI background check with their application. No other form of criminal history will be accepted. Any background check currently on file at NNLL is good up to 3 years from date of the check. You can submit a copy of a BCI background check from another organization if it is dated within 3 years of your application submission.

Under Ohio law, any coach, referee, umpire, or official involved in youth sports in Ohio must complete a free online training program in recognizing concussion symptoms every three years. You must complete the training via the link below and submit your certification before your coaching application can be approved.

Heads Up Concussion Training

Expectations of a NNLL Coach

We understand that baseball is a competitive sport and with competition comes both excitement and frustration.  It is important for us to remember the purpose of North Newark (NNLL) is to provide an environment that allows our players to learn to love and play the game of baseball in a safe and supportive environment.  In order for NNLL to have a successful league we all must understand and agree to the expectations set forth in this document.

NNLL coaches are an important part of our league.  You have the greatest impact on each of the players on your team and the teams you compete against.  You should acknowledge you are a role model and conduct yourself accordingly.  Coaches, at all times, will teach the players to respect the game, umpires, opponents and teammates.  You will do your best to provide a safe and supportive environment that allows our players to learn to love and play the game of baseball.   

A point of emphasis will be interaction with umpires. Coaches will be respectful when addressing umpires. Please see the section below on the expectations for interacting with umpires.

 NNLL Umpire Interaction Expectations

NNLL is committed to providing the best experience for our players, parents and coaches. We try to have either OHSAA certified, or experienced umpires behind the plate as often as possible. We will continue to have mostly high school age umpires in the field. If we have a situation where there is only 1 umpire for a game, it will be a certified, or experienced umpire. We have spent time in training to show the umpires how to properly address coaches, and we would like to remind you there is an appropriate way to address umpires. The following items are the expectations of NNLL this season.

HEAD COACHES ONLY are permitted to address umpires
- NO EXCEPTIONS!  ONE voice per team. Remember that per NNLL By-Laws you are allowed 4 coaches total per team.

Your Assistants and Spectators are your responsibility-  Please set a good example, set expectations, and make sure they understand the consequences of bad behavior. If you are ejected, your child is ejected too.  The ejection is for the remainder of the current game and the entire following game.

No coaches in front of the dugout during live play- Except for base coaches, all coaches need to be in the dugout or dug out extended. No coaches on buckets in the field of play. Play will be stopped until the playing area is clear.

Do not question balls and strikes- If you don't agree with the strike zone, talk to the plate umpire in private, between innings. NNLL umpires have been instructed to allow a ball inside and out for varsity, a little more for farm. Letters to knees for both. Everyone sees pitches a little differently, so you need to have your batters adjust to the strike zone. Every umpire will miss an occasional call, this is part of the game and should be expected. Ongoing issues should be communicated calmly and effectively to the field duty rep or any board member at the park.

Do not yell at umpires- It makes everyone look bad and sets a bad example for our players, opponents and spectators. If you need to address an umpire, please ask for time out and talk to the umpire quietly and respectfully. No one else should hear your conversation. Anyone yelling at umpires from the stands or outfield will be warned once. If they continue, play will be stopped and they will be ejected. Their child will also be ejected and the ejection is for the remainder of the current game and the entire following game.

Appealing field calls to the plate umpire- The plate umpire does not have ultimate authority on every call. If you need clarification on a call, please direct your question to the umpire responsible for making the call. If they need help, they will ask for help form their partner.

General Information- Umpires have been asked to address spectator issues with the head coaches first; if they continue, the field duty rep will be called and there may be an ejection, or a coach remanded to the dugout. No such action will be taken by an umpire without the ok from the field duty rep. per NNLL Bylaws

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